The New Year doesn’t seem to be going too well for Alexandra as she’s had to postpone her new single and has now been seen in an extreme failure of an outfit.

Last night at the Tickled Pink event at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the singer wore another unflattering stage outfit that consisted of a leather crop-top bra, teamed with a throwback tasseled skirt and fake Doc Martens.We only let Jessie J get away with those Doc Martens sometimes because she knows how to fuse the feminine and boyish look together.

On top of these fails, she decided to go for over the top blue eye make up which left her looking more drag queen than queen of pop.

The gig saw Alexandra perform the not so eagerly awaited single Elephants and gave her a chance to redeem herself after her strange career move which involved selling watches for Argos on a late night teleshopping channel. Cringe.