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With a new Celebrity Big Brother on our TV’s it looks like a certain has-been, by the name of Anton Murphy, is not ready to step out of the limelight.

Bad Boy Anton who spent most of his time in the house arguing, talking about his music career, or trying to flirt, had his moment of fame when Big Brother and the rest of his housemates tricked him into thinking a track he recorded before entering the house had reached top of the charts for his birthday. Very cruel.

Well the south Londoner, obviously still persistent on making it in the music industry, decided to give it another go by appearing on the video hosting website Grime Daily for a feature named Daily Duppy which sees MC’s showing off their lyrical ability on a freestlye beat.

Now we don’t want to be mean but when the viewers are asking ‘Is this a parody?’, then you should probably give up whilst you’re still behind.