Heptathlete Jessica Ennis has shown that you don’t have to have a body like Jodie Marsh to be respected as a strong, competitive athlete. Everyone knew from the day she stepped onto the track that Jessica was Britain’s new Heptathlon Hottie, but the 25-year-old from Sheffield never really saw what all the fuss was about.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire Jessica revealed that she finds her athletic body unfeminine and that she has only recently learned to like her shape.

 It’s not particularly feminine to be really muscular, but it’s a tool for the job… I don’t even see myself as that attractive. My fiancé would say I am but I don’t see it

When asked why she always wears makeup when competing, Jessica said,

I don’t even walk the dog without makeup. I’ve always been like that… As an athlete, I suppose you see yourself in a different way to a lot of women. Your body is your whole career, it goes much deeper than looking good.

Well we don’t blame her for wearing make up before she competes, we all know that those slow motion shots aren’t doing wonders for anybody!