2011 seemed to be the year of ‘leaked’ naked photos, with Amber Rose having her vag  invading cyberspace (*yawn* we’re used to it by now) and Chris Brown’s pencil  penis being displayed all over the Internet.

But it wasn’t just the US stars who suffered the ordeal of having their naked bodies put on the Internet for the world to see, urban UK celebrities also fell victim to having their private pictures, and in some case videos *cough* O.G. Niki *cough* leaked.But out of all the shambles scandals, which one shocked us the most?

5. Dappy Leaked Dick Pic

Part time N-Dubz front-man and full time Kaye Vassell’s property Dappy had a naked picture taken from a mobile phone leaked all over the Internet. Apparently the whole thing was organised by Dappy who wanted Kaye to leak the photos as a publicity stunt. We don’t know whether we’re more shocked about the picture being leaked, or at the size of his massive….feet *side eye*.

4. Sneakbo Serves Jail Time

When Pappzd first broke the news that Jetski Wave rapper Sneakbo was in jail, his management constantly denied the rumours giving us and the public different stories each time, varying from him being in America visiting his family to him being overseas working on new music. Unfortunately for them we’re professional stalkers so we did a little digging and found information that finally confirmed that the 18-year-old was locked up in jail for breaching his ASBO after threatening to kill a woman and her two children. Once the rapper was released he spoke about doing time in an interview with DJ Semtex, stating he usually doesn’t get into trouble. *side eye*.

3. Sneakbo Dick Pic

Ever fantasise about what Sneakbo might look like naked? Yea, us neither. But one lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) girl allegedly received a picture of Sneakbo’s ‘monsta’ from the rapper himself on Blackberry. She then forwarded the photo to her cousin- who forwarded it to the rest of the world via Twitter. Oh dear. Guess he showed us more than the wave.

2.John Terry’s Racist Insult

England and Chelsea captain John Terry was caught on tape allegedly hurling racist abuse at black footballer Anton Ferdinand, calling him a “black c***.” Shortly after the video went viral the Football Association had all online footage removed. Hmm, suspicious. Till this day John Terry says he is innocent and not a racist and attempted to prove this by posing with a black baby in Hamley’s toy store. Unfortunately for him the photo is just plain awkward and if anything it looks like he can’t wait to get the child away from him. Nice try Terry- try harder.

1. O.G. Niki’s Sex Tapes

Not only did the world hear about O.G. Niki’s six man sexcapades in her infamous rap, but as soon as she blew up not one but two sex tapes of her were leaked. The first one was a real shocker and if you haven’t seen it yet I am warning you do NOT press play! If however you want to gamble with your eyesight you might as well watch the second one as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.