This year saw a rise in Twitter Beef incidents, and those who fail to blow punches in the real world were able to feel powerful via the use of their keyboards. But it wasn’t just your regular folk that were getting involved in Internet battles, lots of celebs turned into keyboard warriors and exchanged hash words via the web, but which celeb Twitter beef had our jaws dropping the most?

5. Dappy vs. Twitter Warrior

N-Dubz frontman Dappy lost his cool when an internet gangster, Joe_Walshaw, decided to fill up the star’s mentions with insults, and even nicknamed the star “Crappy”. Dappy failed to see the funny side of this and threatened him saying

Charming. We wonder how Joe’s mother feels about that.

4. Kaye Vassell vs. Every other girl on Twitter

Kaye Vassell is not a forced to be reckoned with on Twitter or in reality (just ask NY). So when she hears you’ve been messing with, staring at, or even breathing close to her baby daddy Dappy just fall down to your knees and pray for your Twitter mentions- because without a doubt she will set them on fire. If we’d recorded every cyber scuffle Kaye had been involved in this year we’d probably have a small journal full.

3. Ghetts vs. Jammer

Who can forget Jammer’s Twitter tantrum when Ghetts turned down his offer of £10,000 to do a duet with Cher Lloyd instead?! Yeah. Neither can we, seeing as he tweeted about it one million times. Ghetts clearly struck a nerve with Jammer as the Boy Better Know MC took time out of his life to tweet his frustration on two separate occasions. The first time around was just Jammer bitching about Ghetts turning down Lord of the Mics 3, but in his second rant Jammer accused Ghetts of calling grime dead and being broke. Ghetts barely responded, but soon enough rumours were flying around Twitter that Ghetts had punched Jammer. Both parties denied any altercations taking place, but it just goes to show that what you say in your tweets will affect you on the streets!

2.Alexandra Burke vs. Example

What started off as a joke quickly turned sour when Alexandra Burke failed to see the funny side in Example making fun of her age. The Broken Heels singer went from classy to hood in about 0.5 seconds after Example jokingly suggested that her actual age is 41. Ouch. Alexandra lashed out telling Example to grow some balls, stop bitching, as well as calling him a damn rassclart. So much for taking the high road. Meanwhile Example remained cool,calm and collective making Alexandra look like a total nutcase diva.

 1.Wiley vs. Everybody

Are you really surprised? From cyber fighting with fellow celebs, to regular tweeters, and even taking a stab at Pappzd, Wiley has pretty much been involved in every Twitter Beef this year. One of his most memorable celeb Twitter fights was back in March with Dot Rotten. Both artists started their beef on Twitter, which then escalated so much that the two both ended up making diss tracks at each other. But it’s not just celebs that Wiley has drawn his cyber sword to, regular tweeters have also felt his wrath. Just ask Mrs_GoGetter, R.I.P her Twitter account *moment of silence *. Once Wiley publicly christened her weave as “Jetski Weave” he pretty much put the final nail in the coffin. Moral of the story? Don’t mess with Wiley on Twitter, and if you do make sure your weave is brushed.