Last week the nominees for this year’s Brit Awards were announced and it’s fair to say that more than a few people were surprised at the lack of urban artists on the list, in particular Wretch 32.

Everyone had their own theories as to why Wretch missed out on an award, but on Thursday the Brits finally set the record straight by responding to a Jump Off TV UK debate about the reasons why the rapper wasn’t nominated. They explained that it was simply because he received the fewest votes from the academy.

Curious as to who this ‘academy’ consisted of, Friday Hip-Hop Report presenter Jade Avia tweeted them to ask. She was told:

But when she enquired as to the panel’s identities and ethnic backgrounds, the Brits responded by saying they could not give out that kind of information.

Jump Off TV UK quite rightly pointed out that having record label execs on the panel could encourage bias if their own artists were nominated.

Very convenient. But seriously, can someone just give Wretch an award this year!