If you thought sumo wrestling was a sport only taken seriously by the Japanese, then think again. Believe it or not but Britain has a one woman wrestling team in the form of 46-year-old Sharran Alexander. And she’s on the hunt for a man, so if you’re a fan of the larger lady then look no further.

Standing at 6ft tall and weighing an impressive 32 stone, Sharran has finally learnt to love her body and gained the confidence to get back on the dating scene after her marriage ended eight years ago. She told the Daily Mail:

I used to be ashamed of my size. But after taking up sumo I learned to love my body.

The gold medal winning sumo wrestler and mother of three says that looking for a man can be difficult given her size, which she maintains be eating 5,000 calories of Caribbean food a day. That’s 3, 000 more calories than the average woman is recommended to eat. Suddenly we don’t feel so guilty about those late night Ben & Jerrys feasts.

I love being tall but when you’re trying to start a relationship it’s the hardest thing to find someone who’s taller than me. When I’m with a man who is smaller than me I don’t feel like I’m the woman I want to be.

But that doesn’t stop the younger men trying as Sharran explained:

When I go out with friends I get chatted up by younger men who love big women. I really love the attention.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a big athletic woman who loves Caribbean food and takeaways then your search is officially over. Who needs match.com when you have Pappzd!