Bunmi Sobowale from Sheffield caught a stomach bug in Mexico eight years ago and the consequences have left her with a number of food intolerances that have caused paralysis and robbed her of her sight twice!

The 30-year old was as confused with her condition as doctors were and it was only after eating a pepperoni pizza that Bunmi realised her problem was food-related.

The former Supermarket worker can’t drink alcohol, feels sick when eating meat and fish and bread, pasta, or cakes and biscuits cause her throat to swell and provoke a burning sensation on her skin.

Bunmi has also had to keep away from milk, cheese and chocolate as they make her nauseous and anything sugary, except for fruit , sends her to sleep.

Doctors believe her disease is an extremely rare condition called neuromyelitis, a problem in the central nervous system that affects the optic nerves and spinal cord. Speaking about her illness she said

I had always been fit and healthy so the effect it had on my daily life was devastating. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I lost my sight twice, for four months and again for two weeks and I was even given a form of chemotherapy to try and cure me. My weight ballooned to 22 stones after having steroid treatment. I am reminded every day how food affects my illness… Some foods aggravate the pain and eating the wrong thing can cause a relapse… don’t regret a single thing that has happened to me and instead see all this as a blessing that has brought me to where I am today