Rumour has it that Topshop heiress Chloe Green was the reason for Tulisa and Fazer ending their 18 month relationship.

Tulisa previously admitted that she was the jealous type and it seems she was not at all impressed with Fazer’s relationship with Chloe Green. Tulisa and Chloe fell out last year when the X Factor judge banned Chloe from sitting on her table, because she ‘didn’t know who she was’.

A source told The Mirror.

There were claims Tulisa was ‘rude’ but she genuinely didn’t know who Chloe and her pals were when they were cleared from her table. Tulisa would never want to try to dictate to Fazer who he can and can’t hang around with, but she’s seething that he keeps being spotted with that woman. It is rubbing salt into the wound.

Fazer certainly knows how to make Tulisa angry, he’ll be going on dates with Misha B soon!