Craig David has yet to make a strong comeback, but it looks like the RnB singer is preparing to do so this year and his vocal chords aren’t the only thing he’s been working on.

The 30-year-old is committed to getting the perfect physique as he was spotted keeping fit and toning his six pack on the beach in Miami, where he now resides.

While the rest of us are slowly trying to get back in to a routine after Christmas and New Years celebrations, Craig David has put us all to shame by getting to work on his healthy living plan already.

On New Years day the Fill Me In star tweeted:

However, he wasn’t always in shape as he has confessed to dealing with weight issues when he was younger, something that he still hasn’t forgotten.

He also reassured his fans that he is planning to record some more tracks this year.

Let’s hope he puts as much effort  in the studio as he does with his time in the gym. We’ve been waiting for some new music from him for far too long now!