It looks like Jessie J hides behind her crazy outfits and multicoloured hair, because she is actually a very dull girl. She has admitted that she isn’t diva-like whatsoever and reckons she is actually quite boring.

Unlike most popstars who have some outrageous backstage requests, Jessie J keeps it simple. The Daily Star reported that the Price Tag singer doesn’t see “much point” in acting up like a diva, and that she’s actually pretty boring at the end of the day.

All my crew are always saying I should act more diva-ish but there is not really much point. As long as I have my peppermint tea and salt and vinegar Snack-a-jacks I’m all good. I’m actually quite boring really.

We find this very hard to believe Jessie, but if you want to follow in the footsteps of Leona Look At Me Lewis, then that’s your choice love.