In an interesting and insightful interview with Tom Happold, head of multimedia at The Guardian newspaper, Dot Rotten opens up about his career at the moment, artists going down the pop route and how he does not consider himself a grime artist.

Happold asked the Keep It On The Low star ‘Are you grime, is there a grime scene, do you consider yourself part of that?’ to which Dot Rotten said:

I consider myself as somebody who has done 140 music, who has rapped in raves with a lot of artists who have been in the underground and someone who has grown and who has worked hard doing grime music and doing all different genres…

When you box yourself in on one specific thing, like a genre, you’re putting all your things in one basket. You don’t look outside that basket to see that there’s other stuff, so I wouldn’t call myself a grime artist, no.

When asked if his music was a rebellion he responded by saying that he felt that it wasn’t, and that his music is ‘just music’ and then goes on to speak about how his new level of ambition has lost him friends along the way:

I haven’t fallen out with anyone, everyone’s fallen out with me. Why do I think that is? Because I’m just me and I don’t settle for any bullish*t…if I have a vision and I’m trying to push through a huge vision for people and they don’t see it, then why am I sitting around with people who haven’t got a big vision? It’s pointless.

Nominated in the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll, the artist also boasts that his latest work will be hard not to like:

Whether you liked what I did before, or whether you didn’t like what I did before, the music I’ve got now, you’ll find it very hard to say that it’s sh*t or ‘I really hate this record’…It probably will surprise people…

Check out the full interview in the video above.