Semi-pro footballer Chris Morris discovered his pregnant partner had gone into labour in the middle of a match and only just made the birth of his first child with minutes to spare.

Striker Chris Morris left his heavily pregnant girlfriend Claire Anderson, 25, at home thinking it would be hours before she went into labour, popped his kit on and went off to play football. Even when he was told 30 minutes into the game that she had gone into labour, he continued playing until halftime SMH. 

Fortunately, Chris managed to get to Stafford Hospital just in time to see Claire give birth to his first child, Savannah Louise – who weighed 6lb 5oz. He said:

There were so many things going round in my head when I was on the football pitch. I had explained the situation to my manager Greg Clowes and after about half an hour I could hear my assistant manager shouting to me that she had gone into labour. But I was having a good game, it was my home debut, so I wanted to play on. And five minutes later I’ve only gone and scored. The ball came over the top and I’ve gone past three defenders and knocked it in. So at half-time, I got my stuff and drove off with my Stafford Rangers kit still on. There was mud everywhere. It was an amazing day.

We can’t imagine how his girlfriend must have been feeling with all those contractions, knowing her boyfriend was out on the football pitch.

We think he’s pretty lucky he made it on time, otherwise this story might have ended very differently.