The Celebrity Big Brother house got a bit steamy this week as X Factor dropout Frankie and rapper Romeo went on a hot date.

Big Brother challenged the housemates to find a movie ticket which was hidden in a huge mountain of flour in the Diary Room. Whichever housemate found the ticket in the fastest time was allowed to choose another housemate to take with them on a movie date.

Romeo won the task by finding the ticket in 21 seconds four seconds, not surprisingly as we know how good he is at working under tight time constraints and Frankie then took on the twins in a game of rock paper scissors which he won.

The boys enjoyed a cosy date while the other housemates continued bitching about each other. And this is definitely good practice for all those hot dates we have planned for ourselves and Mr Dunn once he leaves the house. Though he might want to make more of an effort with his threads.