Celebrity Big Brother beauty Georgia Salpa has some explaining to do. It seems the Kim Kardashian look-alike has been telling some porkies about plastic surgery she may or may not have had done.

Salpa told her housemates that she hasn’t had any work done, but plastic surgery experts are adamant that she is in denial. Cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis said

Georgia seems to have had a lot of work. It looks she’s had her boobs done and facial surgery – including a chin implant.I think she’s also had her lips done, probably by injectables, had her cheeks built up and some Botox. She may also have had liposuction to smooth out any lumps.

Georgia’s spokesman denied that her 32E breasts are fake and said she has only had her teeth and lips done, but to be honest we don’t think many men will give two monkeys whether they’re fake or not as long as they look good, and they do look good.

Incase you haven’t had the chance to perv at Georgia’s breasts watch Celebrity Big Brother, take a look at some photos of Georgia below and decide for yourself-real or fake?