Unless you were under a rock last week you would have seen that Grime Daily released a video, where a panel of women in the industry chose the top 10 sexiest males in grime and rap. Despite the fact that their list wasn’t quite up to scratch by Pappzd’s standards, it seems that Jammer also noticed that the ladies themselves were not the sexiest in the game.

The Boy Better Know star took it upon himself on Monday night to begin his own list: Top 10 Butters Females. He even went as far as saying that some of the women on the Grime Daily panel deserve a place on it (we won’t argue with that), causing a dispute with one of the judges No Lay.

Jammer has enlisted the help of his Twitter followers, so that he can’t be entirely blamed if this goes sour, to put forward the names of unattractive females in the industry followed by the hashtag #Top10ButtersFemales and even revealed that he too will be making a video to announce the not so lucky ladies.

Considering Jammer didn’t make the top 10 sexiest males list, perhaps he might just be a little bit bitter. But who cares? This is definitely a list we can’t wait to see.