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Since Grime Daily’s list of the top 10 sexiest males in grime and rap, the Twittersphere has been going in to overdrive with responses. Not one to miss an opportunity, Boy Better Know’s Jammer made the valid point that the ladies on the Grime Daily panel were not that sexy themselves so he decided to hit back with his own list: Top 10 Butters Females in the Industry.

This list however was not chosen by a panel but by the general public on Twitter, who had been voting for a week using the hashtag #Top10ButtersFemales. In case we needed reminding that Jammer was not behind any of the choices, he mentioned it a few hundred times in the video to ensure his back was covered if any of the females got offended (NoLay we see you changing that Twitter avatar).

Nevertheless, we think Jammer has outdone himself. The Top 10 Butters Females list is accurate and, unlike with the Top 10 Sexiest Males, we don’t feel the need to make any changes here. We particularly like the addition of Donatella’s mole and Lady Sovereign. We had forgotten that she even existed.

We also think it is only right that Shimmer and NoLay have a place on there, given that they were so willing to pass judgment on who was and was not sexy enough to make the Grime Daily list. After all, as Jammer states in his disclaimer at the start:

Anybody that judges people should be prepared to be judged.

Despite No Lay kicking up a bit of a fuss during the week’s voting, she has gained 200 new followers on Twitter since the butters list was revealed. If anything, we think she owes Jammer (and the public) a thank you. Or maybe we should wait for that dub plate?

Overall, we couldn’t agree more with this list. Bravo.