Labour MP Diane Abbott has been caught up in yet another race row this week after insinuating that taxi drivers ignore black customers trying to hail a cab. Abbott tweeted:

Clearly incensed by this tweet, the  spokesman for the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association Steve McNamara stated:

This is a typically silly comment by Diane Abbott and deeply unfair.  The modern generation of taxi drivers is as diverse as London itself and most of the knowledge schools now have prayer rooms. Her comment is a silly stereotype that harks back to the days of ‘I don’t go south of the river’ and ‘hanging’s too good for them’. It is as outdated and insulting as the stereotype that black people wear woolly hats all the time.

Ermmm ok, we are not too sure where Mr McNamara was going with that one, but we think someone should suspend Diane’s twitter account for a little while, it’s for her own good.