At precisely 22 minutes past 10 on Thursday, Lady Leshurr revealed that her upcoming mixtape will be hosted by the go-to guy for almost every UK rapper at the moment: DJ Whoo Kid.

The Brummie femcee announced her exciting new project on Twitter and hasn’t stopped tweeting about it since, though we can understand why.

Apparently Whoo Kid hasn’t hosted a mixtape by a female rapper since Lil Kim’s ‘Ms. G.O.A.T.’ back in 2008 and given the success Kim went on to have (ignoring her never-ending feud with Nicki Minaj) this looks like it could be a good move for the ‘Lego’ star.

Lady Leshurr has even gone all out for the cover of her mixtape, by wearing a superwoman outfit and showing off those impressive abs. We’re glad to see that she hasn’t picked up any tips from Lil Kim on her fashion sense.

The former G-Unit DJ has hosted the mixtapes of a number of UK artists such as Tinie Tempah and Wiley so it’s about time he showed the British ladies some love too.

2000 And L will be released at midnight on 31 January.