All eyes have been on X Factor winners Little Mix this month, and not just because of their music. Little Mix’s unique style has been the talk of all the magazines and fashion blogs, and we were no exception.

Although Little Mix were a breath of fresh air compared to the usual bands made up of clones who all dress the same and make public appearances looking like quadruplets *cough* JLS, the girls went slightly overboard and arrived looking like they were all meant to be at different events at the Pre-Brit Awards dinner earlier this week.

The girls opted for completely different looks from one another, with no co-oridnation whatsoever. With Jade in jeans boots and Leigh-Anne in a formal dress and heels, we think the girls should have had a little chat before arriving at the event all together. And can someone please tell us where this ugly legging factory that Jesy Nelson seems to keep buying from is so we can burn it down? Thanks.