31-year-old Sacha Williams-Rowe was sent to jail for a week after she refused to testify against her ex boyfriend and wannabe rapper Lloyd Lothian who stabbed her in the stomach with a kitchen knife, leaving her in a two-day coma and needing life saving surgery back in 2010.

Sacha, the mother of Lothian’s four children, initially testified against the him in court for attempted murder but a retrial of the case was ordered when the judge fell ill, meaning that Sacha had to testify again, something that she was not prepared to do because she felt too traumatised to revisit the case again according to the Sunday Mirror.

Wannabe Rapper Lloyd posing with JLS' Ortise Williams

After the mother of four failed to attend the retrial the judge held her in contempt of court and sentenced her to a week in prison. However Lloyd whose tag name is Willi Murda /Mr. Murda, only served 15 months out of a possible five year sentence and is set to be released in six weeks, a reduction due to his his guilty plea.