Lucien Laviscount is working hard on trying to stay relevant since his Big Brother exit last year and is currently trying to convince us all that he is going to be the next big popstar, with his debut single being released in April.

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The former Corrie actor knows too well how to get his kit off and pose in front of a camera and can now add Gay Times to the long list of magazines his hot body has featured in. And from the looks of the behind the scenes pictures, the readers won’t be disappointed.

During his photo shoot, Lucien took time out for an interview with Digital Spy and revealed that posing for Gay Times was the first time he had been ‘cock-socked’. We believe that is the term used when models being photographed in the nude wear nothing but a sock ‘down there’. It can get a bit cold after all.

As well as talking about his endless business ventures for 2012 and how he is ‘working his arse off’, the 19-year-old also admitted to Digital Spy that he hopes the sound of his new single will make people want to have sex.

If someone came to me and said ‘I had sex to your song’ I would be well happy.

Somehow we can’t imagine a Lucien Laviscount track being top of our bedroom playlist, but since we haven’t heard this single yet, we might leave a space for it just in case. Maybe.