As if Lucien Laviscount hadn’t surprised us enough since his exit from the Big Brother house last year by embarking on a whirlwind romance with Kerry Katona (as well as a string of other ladies), the teenage playboy has now decided to branch out and try his luck at singing.

The former actor previously starred in Coronation Street and Waterloo Road, but it looks like he’s aiming for the more glamorous lifestyle of a popstar by releasing his debut single Dance With You in April.

He explained:

This is an amazing new adventure for me, which has been a long time coming.  I’m grateful to have a good solid team around me and I’m now looking forward to working hard and making good music with great vibes, which people can relate to and party to.

The track even features the one hit wonder American rapper Mann. Apparently the pair got along so well when they met at the 2011 MOBOs that they made plans to record a song together.

But who would even sign Lucien you ask? Simon Webbe. Yes, the ex member of Blue has signed the 19-year-old to his new label SK Records. And he’s very confident in his latest investment, saying:

Lucien’s a triple-threat artist. His single is an infectious dance track with an R&B vocal and we’re really looking forward to see how it does in the charts.

In order to build up the tension, a trailer of the debut single has been released, which quite frankly looks like an advert for a steamy new TV programme. And can someone please explain to us why Ashley Walters has a cameo?

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You never fail to surprise us Lucien.