Makosi Musambasi rose to fame after appearing on Big Brother in 2005 and infamously had sex with another contestant, Anthony Hutton, in the hot tub. Makosi wasn’t shy about flaunting her curvaceous body around the house and had no problem flashing her breasts in front of the whole nation.

 Makosi’s infamous hot tub fling with Anthony…

 The Zimbabwean beauty had no problem showing of her assets…

However the 31-year-old has turned over a new leaf and has left that ‘wild child’ persona in the past. In fact she’s completely flipped 180 degrees and become a dedicated Christian. The Zimbabwean beauty constantly tweets religious phrases and words of inspiration, even changing her Twitter avatar to a depiction of her as an angel.

Angelic Makosi

This just goes to show that change is possible, no matter how dirty your past is. But do you prefer bad-girl-get-your-tits-out-Makosi or biblical-church-going Makosi?