Mario Balotelli has revealed in an interview with Italian magazine L’Uomo Vogue that he is a misunderstood individual. After a series of unfortunate events which include setting his house on fire, wrecking cars worth £10,000 and allegedly having ties with the Mafia, Mario has said that stories based around him tend to be exaggerated, particularly in the Italian press.

The thing that gives me most trouble is that in Italy the tabloids talk rubbish without a shred of truth to it. So many Italians take everything at face value.

 The Manchester City star also said he is pressured into making simple decisions in life such as buying a car:

If I buy a Fiat Uno, I read that a guy like me would be more suited to a Ferrari. If I buy the Ferrari, I read that I should have been more down to earth and bought the Uno…..

Poor Mario, it must be oh so hard to deal with rich people problems such as whether to buy a Ferrari or a Fiat Uno *blank stare*.  Despite all his bad boy antics Mario is known to go around the city of Manchester giving money to strangers and the homeless, but we guess the Italian press couldn’t care less and only want the juicy stuff.