The crazy antics of everyone’s favourite unhinged footballer Mario Balotelli are to be made into an opera.

The Manchester City player has made the news for all the wrong reasons from setting off fireworks in his £3 million mansion, having his car impounded 27 times, suffering an allergic reaction to grass and throwing darts from a first-floor window at youth team players because he was bored. Sounds like the perfect material for an opera right?

Composer Patrick Knowles has already written the first piece for the musical, entitled Balotelli — Why Always Me? He is quoted as saying:

It could be the biggest thing since Jerry Springer. By normal standards he’s crazy – but people haven’t had his experience.Now he does things like go to a casino and hands some of his winnings to a tramp. To put that to music would be amazing.You couldn’t write this kind of thing. It’s a gift from heaven.

We will certainly be pre-booking our tickets and dusting off our opera glasses to go and see this spectacle.