After spending thousands on an engagement ring for his new fiancee Rochelle Wiseman, Marvin has gone and upped the ante by buying her a £50,000 customised, white Range Rover as an engagement present!

The JLS boys have a thing for fancy cars, so really it’s no surprise that he got Wiseman something to show off in.

Humes proposed to the Saturday’s singer two weeks ago during a romantic holiday in the Maldives with a designer ring costing £45,000 and if he carries on this way, he’ll be spending millions on his Missus every year.

Marvin bought Rochelle a car similar to this one

A source close to the couple told the Daily Star:

Marvin was ecstatic with Rochelle’s reaction to the car. He loves big romantic gestures. He did ruin it a bit though by joking to his mates he was going to put a duvet and pillow in the back so they could christen the car over the weekend.

Saucy! We’re not sure Rochelle is the ‘Do-it-in-the-back-of the-car’ type of gal though. But since we found out about Alesha Dixon having sex in a 4×4 , who knows what tickles her fancy.