If you ever look at a picture and notice that Melody Ellington is the one dressed the most reserved, you already know there’s a problem. On the set of  the Quiet Storm video shoot with Melody, Shimmer and Dancehall Queen Lisa Mercedez it’s evident that the stylist was either a)absent b)spiteful or c)a certified enemy of progress.

Shimmer’s cheeks look like they’ve been punched up, and is that a heel with a sock we see? SMH. We all know that Shimmer is known for her rap skills as well as her scandalous outfits, but this right here is on the edge of edgy.

As for Lisa Mercedez’ see through PVC contraption…no comment. Although it took us a while to notice it as our eyes were momentarily fixed on what appears to be her nipples sticking out of her bandeau top- absolute fashion faux pas.

We understand that there’s a need to stand out sometimes, but there’s a fine line between having a unique style and looking like a hot mess.