A rapist who was jailed in 1998 to serve a 21-year jail sentence has been freed from jail after only serving 14-years of his original sentence. Milton Brown, who is now 59-years-old, was jailed in October 1998  for viciously attacking three women, one being his girlfriend Susan MacDonald who later went on to commit suicide because of the ordeal.

Brown who has previous convictions for violence including child molestation, has been released back into the area of Camberwell, south London where he carried out his violent sexual attacks.One of his victims Susan Macdonald was held captive for three months in Brown’s barred and padlocked flat where he beat her with a pool cue and a nail studded plank which left her with a broken arm and on crutches for four months.

The former cocaine user told The Sun that he deserved to be free and that he was a changed man after reporters spotted him cycling around south London visiting his probation officer.