As much as we love our urban celebrities, in 2011 a certain few managed to rub us up the wrong way. Yes, we’ve seen a whole bunch of drama addicted, tabloid grabbing , fame hungry annoyances over the last year. I mean who could forget endorsement junkie Kim Kardashian’s 72 days of marriage, the birth of Tiger Blood, the rise in planking and the over use of the word DENCH so here’s a list of the 2011’s top ten most annoying UK urban celebs.

 10. Mercy Olubunmi

When you hear the name Mercy Olubunmi a picture of THAT WEAVE pops straight to mind. Maybe we’re being harsh because EastEnders actress Bunmi Mojekwu hasn’t done anything this year to annoy us, but her character’s choice of hair colour and evident fear of hair brushes left viewers watching in horror at the weave the evil EastEnders costume stylist plonked on Bunmi’s head. If you dont’t know by now here at Pappzd a bad weave is enough to get you onto our most annoying list. Sorry Bunmi.



Last year Wiley became known for his childish tantrums on Twitter rather than for his music. From threatening everyone’s favourite ginger Ed Sheeran, to giving out his BBM pin to his stalkers on Twitter, Wiley’s behaviour became very worrying. Fair enough he keeps us mildly entertained but in March 2011 his somewhat charismatic behaviour turned slightly odd when he released an advert starring himself, selling jam (Hartley’s jam to be exact), which led many to believe that the Rolex rapper had lost the plot.

 8. Tulisa Contostavlos


Yes ok, so she might have transformed from scally to stunner but N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos annoyed the hell out of us last year. It wasn’t just strenuously denying her obvious relationship with fellow bandmate Fazer, pretending to have grown up in the hood or doing that irritating arm gesture at the beginning of EVERY X Factor show. But what left us thinking ‘oh no she didn’t’ were her controversial claims that X Factor contestant Misha B was a backstage bully. Her accusations angered many on Twitter who saw the comments as tactile and unprofessional on Tulisa’s part and felt the comments were the reason for Misha’s premature exit from the talent show. Although we’ve got to say the look on Kelly Rowland’s face after Tulisa’s rant was golden.

 7. Jessie J

Last summer Jessie J single-handedly managed to make Mulberry handbags look last season with a brand new accessory she was not seen without for four months, the diamante leg cast. With a ruptured tendon and a wardrobe that even the cast members of Cirque du Soliel would say no to, constant images of the Do It Like A Dude singer in awful outfits made us want to shout JUST STOP IT!  Will she ever wake up one day and decide to just wear a simple LBD, throw on a pair of Louboutins and ditch the Ronald McDonald look?  Just for a day, is that too much to ask?

6.Alexandra Burke


Last year former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke proved that she is the feistiest diva of them. We will never forget about her Twitter beef with Example who learnt, with the rest of the Twittersphere, not to make fun of Alexandra Burke. This tweet is forever embedded in our memories…

As well as over reacting on Twitter, Alexandra must have bumped her head and woke up thinking she was Mariah Carey on the day of the Clothes Show Live earlier this month, as it was reported that the 23-year-old threw a massive diva strop demanding to be driven around the venue in a buggie. And don’t get me started on her stint as a judge on this year’s X Factor. *Sigh*

 5.Cher Lloyd


If your name is Cher Lloyd and you release a song called Swagger Jagger that samples a nursery rhyme, congratulations you get a free pass to sit comfortably at 5th place on our list of 2011’s most annoying celebs. With YouTube comments like ‘this is making my ears shudder’, it clearly showed that the former X Factor’s debut single didn’t go down too well at first. But unfortunately it grew on many like a fungus which meant the song found itself at the top of the charts in August.

 4.Tashie Jackson


From bringing a dressing up box instead of a suitcase, never being caught looking rough and crying over fish fingers, there were moments when Big Brother star Tashie Jackson made us want to throw the remote control at our TVs. Although we found her prancing around the house dressed like Pocahontas kind of cute, what was shocking was the fact that the former video vixen was annoyed that the rest of her housemates found her well… annoying and ended up being up for eviction. We love Tashie but we don’t think the world would have been ready for 64 days of  Miss Jackson. Sorry.

3.Kaye Vassell

If you’re brave enough to mention the name Dappy in the presence of his girlfriend Kaye Vassell then you better be prepared to get down onto your knees and beg for mercy before she brands you with the title of being a ‘groupie hoe’. Yes, 2011 was the year of the no-nonsense, baby mama who left bunny boilers across the world pretty scared. With the leaked photo she took of Dappy in just a snapback, socks and trainers floating around the Internet, Kaye’s online ranting brought the meaning of standing by your man to the next level.

 2.John Terry 

Injunctions, glamour models and racism lurked around the premiership in 2011 and the worst offender was Chelsea footballer John Terry. The alleged racist comment he made towards QPR’s Anton Ferdinand left many outraged and calling for action to be taken. And if that wasn’t irritating enough, a few months after the incident Terry proved that he wasn’t the racist that people had made him out to be by dropping into Hamleys, grabbing the nearest black child and taking the most awkward looking photo we’ve ever seen. What was he thinking?

1. Mario Balotelli 


It’s a proven fact that footballers are known for their bad boy ways but the arrival of a certain Italian footballer by the name of Mario Balotelli shook up last year’s headlines and brought a new celebrity buzz around football, even if it was for the wrong reasons. From setting off fireworks in his own house, ditching his girlfriend for a porn star, nearly getting arrested for burgling himself, going on holiday with the Mafia to even having a song made about him. The 21-year-old has aggravated us so much with his constant trouble making we’ve actually started to like him. Great.

Congrats Mario, Pappzd has named you the most annoying celebrity of 2011. Well done son.