Rumour has it that Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton’s families are hoping that the pair will get back together after their split in October.

It looks like the families of the high profile couple have fallen in love with each other and are hoping the two can patch things up. A source  close to Lewis’ family said:

Nicole is so dear to the family. They still very much see her as their ‘daughter-in-law’. Those close bonds don’t disappear overnight. They’ve been in touch over Christmas to catch up – and wish each other well. They’ve built such a bond with her over the years. Everyone is secretly hoping that Lewis and Nicole will give their love another go when the time is right for them.

Things are looking up as the pair spent New Year’s Eve together at a ski resort in Colorado and have declared how much they care about each other in public since the split.

Now stop wasting everybody’s time and just kiss and make up!