Now if you thought sibling rivalry was an occasional issue in your family, imagine what it would have been like for 23-year-old quadruplets, Toks,Temi, Tobi and Tolu Ogunsanya who all graduated from Warwick University and each left with a Masters degree in their pocket on the same day.

The boarding school educated foursome, who are originally from Lagos, Nigeria, came to England at the age of seven and 13 years later have bagged themselves top city jobs. Toks, who’s the eldest by four minutes, graduated with an MEng in manufacturing and engineering and Temi, Tobi and Tolu all gained an MSC in management.

So as well as choosing the same university, they pretty much chose the same courses too. All that time seeing each others faces and no one ended up in hospital? Brother Tobi told the Daily Mail that a bit of sibling rivalry is a key to success.

The fact we all chose to study at the University of Warwick was a natural decision…We are a close-knit family and were all attracted by the strength of the courses on offer…. We all gravitated to similar courses because we’ve always been interested in business and management and our father is a successful businessman in Nigeria.