Last year saw more than a few surprises in UK music, from Chipmunk working with almost every living American artist, Tinie Tempah disturbing more than just London, Sneakbo spending time inside and OG Niki shocking the world by rapping about her multi-tasking sexual skills. But who deserved top place in the list of 2011’s OMG Music Moments?


5. Wretch 32 Goes Home Empty Handed

Wretch 32 became a household name in 2011 with his debut single Traktor reaching top 10 in the UK charts. It paved the way for what was a very successful year for the north Londoner, so it clearly came as a shock to everyone when Wretch didn’t win a single award at last year’s Mobo’s after being nominated for four awards. Wretch definitely deserved at least one and we’re surprised he didn’t  pull a Kanye and storm the stage whilst Jessie J collected one of her many awards.


4. Ghett’s Goes Pop on us

When we found out Ghetts would be featuring on a tune with Cher Lloyd we were lost for words and couldn’t understand how Cher persuaded the grime artist to feature. Boy Better Know’s Jammer made sure he told Ghetts and the rest of Twitter exactly how he felt about him “selling out” during a ranting session. Luckily for us the tune wasn’t a complete disaster and even featured Dot Rotten and Mic Righteous. Phew.


3. Krept and Konan Wow YouTube and Pee off Jay-Z

South London duo Krept and Konan did the unimaginable when they uploaded their version of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Otis onto YouTube, but no one expected the video to receive the amount of attention it got, not even Jay-Z himself! The video reached over four million views in the first week alone leaving people questioning whether or not the boys rigged the views. But such claims just made more and more people log on to watch the video and apparently attracted the attention of Jay-Z who was rumoured to have paid YouTube over $30,000 to have the video removed due to copyright infringement. Nevertheless Krept and Konan quickly became the talk of the town and even went on tour with Skepta.


2.Skepta Takes it All Over the House

It’s not unusual these days to see a bit of booty in urban music videos, but Skepta shocked the world when he released All Over the House in March last year. Less music video, more porno, the clip saw Skepta and BBK pal Shorty rapping about doing ‘it’ all over the house whilst two porn stars literally did it, well, all over the house. Skepta chose not to speak about the video at the time but a few months later said in an interview that he didn’t plan for the video to go viral despite announcing he was shooting an adult movie a few days before the video was released. Tut Tut.


1. OG Niki Shows us the True Meaning of Shameless


Last year a Brummy by the name of OG Niki popped out of nowhere with a freestyle that spoke about her sex life and capability to take on six man. Oh, and don’t bother telling her mother-she already knows. Although her flow and lyrical ability impressed us, it seemed that the Nicki Minaj wannabe was never going to be known for anything other than her sexual antics with the teenager even being dubbed as ‘Hoe-G Niki’. This was further proven when not one, but two sex tapes of the rapper were leaked.

Nevertheless OG Niki’s name spread like wildfire causing artists such as Sneakbo to rush to Birmingham just to get her on a track, and the Godfather of grime Wiley trying to take her under his wing.  However OG Niki’s  fame came into question when hardly anybody showed up to her first London PA at Anaya night club. She has virtually faded into obscurity jut as fast as she came into the spotlight. Guess her 15 minutes of fame really are over!

Well done OG Niki you have won the top spot on our OMG Moments in Music, now that’s something to add to your CV.