For most people turning 21 is always a big deal usually celebrated by taking numerous shots of alcohol until one loses consciousness. But unluckily for George The Poet he won’t be celebrating his birthday like the rest of us normally would.

 A source told Pappzd that instead George will be busy writing essays and giving a poetry performance later on in the evening. Speaking last night George told the source
It’s not easy. I have no social life, its my birthday tomorrow and I’m working.
The spoken word artist, who attends Cambridge University, has performed at many events including Lioness’ mixtape Roarness launch gaining some celebrity fans along the way such as Ghetts and Shystie.  But even with all his fast growing success and new celeb friends it look’s like the reality on university means George wont be able celebrate his own birthday.Shame.
Happy Birthday from Pappzd George The Poet, we hope you manage to have at least a little bit of fun.