In a recent interview with PopDash, Roll Deep shared their views on whether music has a significant influence on the youth of today and whether it shapes their behaviour, especially concerning the London riots that took place last year August.

One of the newer members of the group, Brazen, denied that musicians played a part in provoking and encouraging behaviour in the riots:

I don’t think any musician influenced anyone to do anything in the riots, let’s put it that way. But it (music) definitely has authority in people’s lives. Music has kept us out of trouble. It affects everyone differently. It could easily be a different situation for any one of us, where we grew up and how we grew up, but we’re better off now.

His older brother and long time Roll Deep member, Breeze also said:

We can get deep and say it depends how you were brought up at the end of the day. You can hear something and think it would be wicked to go and do that because it sounds so glamorous, but if you were brought up right then you know that’s not the right thing to do.

However, Flow Dan admitted that he knew people sometimes took the group’s lyrics a bit too seriously:

There’s certain things on songs that I would love to do but would never try. I definitely have met people who tell me ‘you know I do what you say, right?’ and I’m like ‘you idiot, cos I don’t.’ You waste money like that! I don’t wanna give too much detail, but you get me…

As well as speaking about the influence that music has, Roll Deep shared their plans to expand their clothing line and how annoying it can be when people say they have moved from grime to pop.

Flow Dan explained:

It’s jarring, and boring. The main heading for me is music. We didn’t grow up listening to one type of music. We’re music lovers…When people say Roll Deep turned mainstream, or whatever, our first official album had tracks like Shake a Leg and The Avenue on there. These were daytime radio, good songs, and that was like 2004/5. It’s too late to say we’ve turned pop.