Just when we thought that the world couldn’t get anymore crazy, we get news of this story.

Illegal immigrant Esther Ogunrinde attended the wedding of her boyfriend Olukayode Olusanya to Dutch resident Zunica Sabina, who had been paid £3,000 to marry Olukayode in order for him to legally stay in Britain. As soon as Sabina returned to Holland, Ogunrinde used the bride’s ID card to pose as her so that she too could stay in the UK. The bogus ceremony allowed illegal immigrant Olusanya, and Ogunrinde, to avoid being deported.

Nigerian-born Olusanya was able to work as a nursing assistant whilst his partner, posing as Sabina, worked as a care assistant and cleaner and continued to claim food vouchers intended for asylum seekers. Incredibly, the couple managed to go unnoticed for three whole years, using fake documents to fool as many as three employers.

That was until the three of them were reunited this week when they were finally caught out and brought into court to answer charges of breaking immigration laws. This happened after the UK Borders Agency received a tip-off in June. Olusanya was jailed for 32 months after admitting to two charges of conspiracy whilst Sabina was jailed for 16 months.

However, Ogunrinde completely escaped a prison sentence after the judge took into account the fact she had four young children to take care of, and instead she must serve a 12-month suspended sentence and complete 180 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Martin Steiger QC said the conspiracy had been

Highly sophisticated’ with ‘ingenious features.’

Immigration sources said the trio will be deported when they have served their sentences.