If any of you have just taken an exam you will know about plagiarism and how much trouble it can get you in.

Well it seems it’s not only students who like to do a bit of copying. Islington rapper Squeeks has been exposed by 8T2 for stealing shots from his video Face-Pic Riddem, featuring the woman who possibly owns one of the best arses in England, Shereece Arnold.

Squeeks’ latest video Big Squueko features shots of Shereece Arnold dancing in those tight purple leggings. But days after he premiered the vid, 8T2 noticed that clips from his video had been stolen and used without his permission and he was not a happy bunny, even releasing a Squeeks diss video where he called him a d*ckhead. He also tweeted Link Up Tv who edited the video, to let them know he was not impressed.


Now we’re pretty sure it’s not all Squeek’s fault, I mean he’s a rapper not a video editor, in fact he probably didn’t even know where the shots came from!

And if we’re perfectly honest with you, we don’t really give two monkeys about this copyright malarkey because if it means us seeing Shereece Arnold’s arse more than once, we can only be thankful.