We’re only two days into the new year and already we may be seeing some new celebrity hook ups and one of them involves singer Taio Cruz and a certain Geordie girl named Cheryl Cole. Apparently the pair welcomed the new year together at an A list event in LA. A source told OK magazine

Taio is starting to sort out his New Year’s Eve and if he’s performing, like he did last year, he wants to have fun with Cheryl… Taio is hoping to lay on a night to remember, as he and Cheryl have both had a tough 2011.

Now in the past Taio slammed rumours saying that the pair were dating and said that their relationship was simply business and not pleasure,  although the London born singer did made it clear that he wouldn’t turn Chezza down if she ever make the first move.

 Cheryl and I worked together in Los Angeles a few weeks ago – we got about three new songs done. I gave her one of my watches and took a photo of it, which seems to have spurred some weird rumours…I really wish I was dating Cheryl Cole, but I’m not.

And we think the feeling is mutual as a smitten Cheryl allegedly told friends,

Taio is beautiful, caring and so amazing. He gives me the confidence I thought I’d lost. I’m clumsy and dippy around him.

Aww so Taio’s made Cheryl feel like a love stuck teenager again. We can’t wait to see how this turns out.