Tashie Jackson appeared on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side on Thursday night in a bid to clear up rumours that she had leaked her own sex tape.

The former reality star claims she was utterly betrayed and said she was ready for criticisms as her loved ones already knew the truth.

However, her ex boyfriend Romane Hole insisted, in a email sent into the show, that a ‘fame hungry’ Tashie released the video herself, saying

Why would it be in my interest to release it? I’m not pointing any fingers but Tashie is the only person that has that video, I don’t even own a copy of it. Something like this is only going to make Tashie more famous, which is what she wants. This has deeply affected me and my family and I just want to forget about it

You can watch the denial interview on the Big Brother’s Bit on the Side site. Who do you think is telling the truth?

Shortly after the show aired, Pappzd founder Uche Chukwu appeared to confirm this, tweeting