He could probably collaborate with just about anyone he wants to right now, but Tinie Tempah has revealed that the artist he would really like to work with is Adele.

The pair are already good friends and Tinie had expressed hopes of recording with the award winning singer last year, but her hectic schedule prevented that from happening.

The Frisky star told Q magazine:

I want to record with Adele this year. We started to talk about it, but because of how crazy things went for her we never really got round to completing that conversation.

Perhaps another reason that Tinie wants Adele on one of his tracks is so that he has a better shot at impressing the Americans, as he is still keen to make it in the States and is inspired to achieve the level of success there that Adele has.

You know it’s very, very inspiring… and I know Adele personally so it kind of resonates a lot more… You don’t go over there in one wave, then it’s all done and dusted. I’m not going to say, ‘Oh yeah, by the end of the year America must be broken’. I’ll just keep chipping away and see what happens. The main goal is to get the new album out and it do really well – better than the last one. This time going triple platinum. And do a world tour.

Looks like Tinie shows no signs of slowing down this year and may just get his collaboration, if Adele’s vocal chords stop playing up.