X Factor judge Tulisa and former N-Dubz bandmate Fazer have allegedly split up.

According to reports the pair have been arguing like a pair of old ladies and ‘cannot stand each other right now’. Oh dear.

Tulisa and Fazer allegedly fell out during their romantic break to the Maldives, despite pictures showing the couple to be all loved up.  The pair kept their 18-month relationship secret before going public shortly after Tulisa got herself the X Factor gig.

Though Tulisa didn’t seem too bothered about the break-up; as she partied with friends last night in a London club without a single tear in sight.

Does this look like a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend to you?

We hope this isn’t some sort of publicity stunt and we’re wondering if Simon Cowell had anything to do with this, seeing as he isn’t a fan of the N-Dubz boys. Though a source told the Mirror

It’s all over… Fazer has been out clubbing twice this week without Tulisa, and she, too, has been spending more time with her friends away from him. They are insisting nobody else is involved and clearly don’t want to stick the knife in to each other because they’ve been close since they were 11. They’ve still got a lot of respect for each other, but they’ve had a very turbulent relationship.

Does this mean N-Dubz can never reunite? Oh well, we’re sure Cowell will find her a lovely footballer who’ll cheat on her, should she choose to date again.