After Jammer’s controversial video on the list of the top 10 Butters Females (which he brought out as a rebuttal to the Grime Daily video) all hell broke loose in the Twittersphere. Wounded tweeters came back at Jammer about how unfair the list was, even though the Boy Better Know star stated about a billion times that the poll was the opinion of the public and not him.

Once such wounded tweeter was Amplify Dot who came in at number 10 on Jammer’s List. Proving she can give as good as she gets,  A. Dot tweeted Jammer:

He tried to smooth things over with this tweet:

But she just went in harder…

Well we don’t think A. Dot took it to heart, at least she came back with some banter of her own, unlike some of her fellow winners, who were not as impressed:

No_Lay: Number Nine

Lady Sovereign: Number Two

OG Niki: Number One

Do we sense a dubplate in the future, A.Dot ft. The Top 10 Butters Female Allstars?