16-year-old Wendy Maguire who died last week after falling off a footbridge in Leytonstone east London was allegedly drinking alcohol in the school playground hours before her death. Her family claimed that the popular year 11 school girl was peer pressured into drinking vodka and was later taken into a sick room around  10.45am after she had collapsed twice and complained that she was suffering from a headache during her drama exam.

Wendy’s mother, Leila Maguire, arrived half an hour later to collect her daughter from the school after she had been informed by teachers that Wendy smelled of alcohol and was struggling to walk. But by the time Leila had signed herself in the register, Wendy had already walked out of school. Leila called the police and searched the area herself but by 12.30pm Wendy had fallen to her death on the A12 in Leytonstone Ilford.  It’s believed that the promising student who was predicted A’s and B’s in her upcoming GCSEs may have fallen head first after leaning over the railings too far.

Her devastated mother Leila, 49, criticised the school for failing to supervise her saying:

Wendy was confident, popular and smart. She dreamed of becoming an accountant and was looking forward to going to university. This was not a girl who would take her own life… We’ve been told her classmates pressured her into drinking alcohol and wouldn’t let her stop… The teachers knew she wasn’t herself so why was she allowed to leave school? She should have been properly supervised until we arrived.

Police are still investigating her death but aren’t treating it as suspicious.