The Voice, BBC’s talent search show, has already created tension between judges before the show has even started. American judge Will.I.Am has taken digs at Jessie J saying she is not experienced enough as a judge, as the both competed to become a contestants mentor.

In an attempt to persuade the contestant Will.I.Am said

Jessie is hot right now, she is current, but that’s right now….I remember the first time when we [Black Eyed Peas] as a band had success –   then the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth time. Come with me and we’ll try to make your career.

But not being one to stand down Jessie retaliated saying

I am number one. I’ve been doing this for years and working my ass off. I may be only 23 and have only had one debut album but I’m signed for seven years, yeah, thank you very much. In your face!

Pappzd will certainly be keeping an eye out and watching The Voice which already sounds like it will have more cat fights and cold stares across the table than Tulisa and Kelly in X Factor.