Woodbridge Headteacher Andrew Beaumont

Woodbridge school have denied allegations that students protested today due to teachers cancelling Anuvahood director and actor Adam Deacon’s school appearance.

In a statement communicated directly to Pappzd Magazine, Woodbridge High School’s Head, Andrew Beaumont, said:

Woodbridge High School can confirm that a visit by the actor Adam Deacon had been arranged by a member of staff at very short notice this week but unfortunately I had to cancel the visit. This was to ensure the correct checks and procedures were followed as is the case when any external speaker visits the school.

As a result some pupils at the school were disappointed. There were no protests or disturbances at the school, no pupil was suspended or reprimanded for their behaviour and the Police were not called. It is always disappointing when a school gets caught up in such high profile inflammatory speculation.

*Blank stare* We’re assuming that the Woodbridge staff think we were born yesterday. Not only does this statement completely differ from tweets that Woodbridge students have been sending, but it also doesn’t explain why hundreds of students were photographed standing outside the school. *Major side eye*.

Do you go to Woodbridge High? If you were there and have any more information on the story please contact us and send us any images or video you have.