Screen capture taken from alleged Adele sex tape

A French blogger, Jean-Claude Elfassi, is claiming to have a sex tape of award winning singer Adele.  The paparazzo announced on his blog that he will reveal images from the video today, with no censorship whatsoever.

And French gossip magazine Public also announced they would be dedicating a front page to the Rolling In The Deep star’s sex tape and explained in the magazine  what exactly can be seen in the video.

We can see very bold images that show the singer in the backseat of his car… Shocking images shot with a smartphone that focus solely on the face and the intimacy of the star. 

Elfassi posted a link to his blog last night but unsurprisingly his website was shut down, with the controversial journalist explaining on his Twitter that too many people tried to log on leading the server to crash. He promise that his blog will return shortly (and at the time of writing, we’re still waiting).

Though the chances of this being true are much slimmer than Adele herself, well she has said some pretty mean stuff in her songs about her ex boyfriend. Could this be his way of getting back at her? We’ll wait to see…


Adele has announced that she is pursuing legal action against the paparazzi that leaked a sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend. The claims that Adele featured in a sex tape were described as “untrue and grossly defamatory” and a spokesman for Adele said it was “100 per cent false”. She has hired top law firm Schillings to handle her case.