Alesha Dixon received an unpleasant surprise during recent auditions of Britain’s Got Talent, when an attendee at her wedding to So Solid Crew rapper Harvey showed up.

It was reported that before proceeding with his audition the sax player said to Alesha

I’m surprised you don’t recognise me.

He then went on to reveal that he had played at Alesha’s wedding to Harvey, who Alesha divorced after finding out he was cheating on her with Javine Hylton. After hearing the sax player’s claim to fame Alesha hid her face in fellow judge Simon Cowell’s shoulder before telling him

I wouldn’t be interested in hearing you play again.

A source told The Sun

When the guy told Alesha he’d played at her wedding the audience went quiet. It was very awkward.

Lesson number one: Do not mention an ex in any circumstances, especially to the person who is deciding your career!