Alexandra Burke revealed that she hates talking about her personal life in interviews and prefers to keep it quiet.

The X Factor star told The Huffington Post UK, that while she’s pretty much an open book, when it comes to relationships, she likes to keep the details to herself. She wrote:

Sometimes I don’t really want to talk about those things, that’s a part of my life I like to keep to myself.

Alexandra hinted at how much pressure the media put on couples in the spotlight, she stated:

The moment that relationship stops and it breaks up, it’s a huge news story.

Alexandra disagrees with the advice of her mother, Melissa Bell – former front-woman for British soul act Soul II Soul, who warned her that her fans wouldn’t like it if she was in a relationship and told her to stay “single for her fans”, but Burke hopes that her relationship status wont affect her fans support:

For me the whole relationship thing is just something that I’m putting on the backburner and something that will come later. I’m having far too much fun at the moment… a girl really can’t complain.

We guess her relationship with Jamie Foxx protege Marcus Anthony didn’t work out then…