We were waiting to see how Ashley Cole would react to the alleged news of Harvey having a secret romance with Cheryl Cole and unsurprisingly he is furious and believes that the So Solid MC is using his ex wife for fame.

The Chelsea football player claims that he knows which men Cheryl has been with since their split and Harvey was not one of them. (It’s a shame Cheryl can’t say the same about which or how many girls Ashley has been with.)

A source revealed to the Daily Star that Ashley had said:

The guy is using Cheryl. He needs to back off right now.

The source went on to say:

Ashley knows where Cheryl was and what she was doing. He knows exactly which men she hung out with and apart from Derek [Hough] and later Will.I.Am there was no one. He’s furious Harvey is claiming he got close to her and feels it’s just grabbing the limelight because he’s out of the limelight.

Harvey and Ashley have been friends since childhood so we can only imagine how awkward this is. But excuse us for pointing out that the cheating football star is not really in the position to complain.

At least Cheryl waited until after they were divorced to start sleeping with seeing other people.