Flowers and a box of chocolates are obviously over rated for West Ham striker Carlton Cole, so the 28-year-old footballer took it upon himself to treat his girlfriend to a unique Valentine’s day gift . Cole’s lucky lady received a tray full of  goodies including Oxo Cubes, an iron, washing up liquid and tablets, fabric softener, cleaning products and oh wait… a bottle of champagne.

Now lets just put our feminists hats down for  a second, Cole’s debatable interpretation of a good Valentine’s day gift would have been half as funny if he actually came up with the idea himself.

When a picture of a guy presenting a tray of washing up liquid, an iron, cooking oil and everyone’s favourite Maggie seasoning, went viral last week it was enough to cause controversy and of course bring on a few laughs and it’s understandable why Cole would copy it.

And judging by the smiles on these brave faces, it seems like the two are quite content with being seriously single in the future. Men.